Wednesday, October 1, 2008



I don't know if there is anyone out here who still checks this but THIS is where i will be blogging from now on.



Thursday, May 29, 2008

28 Days Later...

...I finally decide to write a blog.

I will admit it. I suck at updating this blog. I'm straight up awful at it. In my defense it has been kind of crazy around here lately as we gear up for Jonesy being gone for the summer with the Sex Pistols. They play the big show, the only one in the states, at the Hard Rock in Vegas on June 7th and then leave to play festivals in faraway lands for 3 months. If you feel like traveling this summer and going on adventures to see the Pistols here are all the dates.

Some things that have been going on in the past couple weeks while I was busy not updating this blog:

-- We had Perry Farrell on at the beginning of the month. He was a really fun guest. It was a show full of those moments that can only happen on Jonesy's Jukebox and INDIE 1031...ya know, a moment like Steve Jones and Perry Farrell jamming out a fantastic cover of Twist & Shout.

-- Mike Doughty of Soul Coughing fame, came in on an early May Saturday night to pre-record a show with us to run in the summer. He performed a bunch of songs and hung out for two hours of radio magic with Jonesy. One of my roommates Paul, is the biggest Doughty fan of all time. Unfortunately, he was out of town when Mike came in. Paul was bummed about this to say the least, but being the awesome caring roommate I am I made him a copy of the show. The rest of you will hear it sometime in July!

-- May 18th marked exactly one year to the day that I moved out here to L.A. Last weekend I traveled back east to Boston for the first time in a year. I actually just got back Tuesday night. I went home for my sisters high school graduation. Congrats Carolyn! It was fun to go home and see all my friends and family. I got to hang out with some great cats I had not seen in a while. I also went to the radio station I used to work at, WFNX. Getting to see The Sandbox dudes and all my friends at FNX was a great time. As good as it was to visit home and Boston for a while, I have to say I was pretty happy to return to L.A.

-- In case you didn't know I am a GIGANTIC basketball fan, which also makes me a die hard Boston Celtics fan. The Celtics went up 3 games to 2 on the Detroit Pistons last night in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals in what has been one of the best post seasons for the NBA in a long time. If they win tomorrow night they will go on to the NBA finals for the first time since 1986. This is already very exciting. Now throw in the fact that tonight the Lakers could finish off the Spurs as they are up 3 games to 1, making it a Celtics vs. Lakers NBA finals just like the old days with Magic and Bird. It will be a clash of my two worlds, Los Angeles where I live now and Boston my hometown! I have enjoyed watching the Lakers and Kobe all season and have been routing for them in the playoffs so this Boston vs. L.A. scenario would come true; and now we are only 2 wins away from it actually happening. Obviously I will be routing for the Celtics without question. It will absolutely be a historic NBA finals. If you think I am not trying to find a way into the Staples center for one of those games you are out of your blog reading mind! GO CELTICS!!!!

--Tonight is the 3 hour season four finale of the best show on television...LOST! This has been my reason to live until May 29th. I almost can't even function today because of what is about to go down between the hours of 8pm-11pm tonight. If I survive the LOST finale tonight there will be more blogging to come tomorrow...errr or 28 days from now. I've decided I like to keep all of you readers (and by all of you readers I mean my mom and my roommates) on your toes so you never know if or when you are getting a new blog. It will be like a nice little surprise to your day when there is a new post. Thats my story and I'm stickin' to it!

Thanks for reading!


Thursday, May 1, 2008

"Oh, how it's been so long, I'm so sorry I've been gone, I was busy writing blogs for.....YOU!"

" We've waited so long, but we'd wait forever
Our blood is blue and we would leave you never
And when we make it, it'll be together...
Oh oh oh

Chelsea, Chelsea
Chelsea, Chelsea
We're gonna make this a blue day
Chelsea, Chelsea
Chelsea, Chelsea
We're gonna make this a blue day"

A huge congrats to Chelsea on their big win over Liverpool yesterday.

Yesterday's show was INSANE. We watched the Chelsea/Liverpool semi-final during the show. Go HERE and listen to the podcast if you missed it. It was great. Chelsea now moves on to play the hated Manchester United in the FINAL on May 21st!

Today was a pretty laid back show. This week absolutely flew by, I can't believe today is already Thursday. I think it's because last weekend was Coachella so everyone was on a high this week from that. When I said this to Max the program director here at INDIE he responded "It's because everyone worked so hard for Coache...well some of us worked...and some of us just ate giant steaks and played in the desert" Haha...what can I say I had a fun Coachella weekend. More on this later.

Coachella was an awesome time. I got to go out there for Saturday and Sunday. I had never been before so it was fun to go this year. I'll be honest I spent more time hanging in and around the Indio/La Quinta, CA area than actually in the festival grounds. I did see Death Cab, Dwight Yoakam, heard a little bit of Cold War Kids, and of course Prince on Saturday night. I was kind of bummed that I missed MGMT, I had my brand new MGMT shoelaces and everything! So what did I do with my time if I only saw a handful of bands you ask?

1) Hung out at the amazing INDIE 1031 house: It was honestly a mini mansion with a huge backyard stocked with open bars, a fishing pond, a pool, games, waterslides, and my favorite part of the backyard bombing around on Segway Scooters!

2) Helped drink 100 cases of free beer and saw some good friends from the east coast: Before I moved out here and started working at INDIE a year ago I used to worked for an alternative station in Boston called WFNX for three years. They came out this year to broadcast from a $2 million house right outside of the Coachella festival grounds with the FNX morning show, The Sandbox. You should all check out The Sandbox, besides being great dudes and good friends of mine, they have one of the best radio shows in the country right now. I listen to the podcast on my way home from work everyday

Since I had not seen all of them in almost a year I hung with the FNX/Sandbox crew for most of the weekend. We had giant steaks at Ruth's Chris (yes they have fancy steakhouse in the desert). Because I'm friends with U2 superfans, we went to the Joshua Tree National Park and attempted to recreated a photo from U2's Joshua Tree Album while fighting off liazrds, snakes, and scorpions:

On Sunday we gambled at a local casino called the Augustine where I won $200 on Black Jack! DOUBLE DOWN, YEEEAH! All in all it was a fantastic weekend. Can't wait till next year!

Tomorrow is Friday! On Jonesy's Jukebox Jury we will hopefully be playing and talking music for once...and whatever else Jonesy decides to talk about. I honestly never know. We will have all music writers from Rolling Stone, FILTER, Mojo, and The L.A. Times. Should be fun. Tune in at 12 bells!

Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Parts Unknown

"Falling about
You took a left off Last Laugh Lane
You just sounded it out
You're not coming back again.

You used to get it in your fishnets
Now you only get it in your night dress
Started all the naughty nights with niceness
Landed in a very common crisis
Everything's in order in a black hole
Everything was pretty in the past though
That Bloody Mary's lacking in tabasco
Remember when he used to be a rascal?"

In case you have not noticed Jonesy has went off on an adventure to parts unknown for all of this week. Luckily the ever popular Paul Cook came to the rescue yesterday and today! He brought along his wife Jeni. As you may know we have had their daughter Hollie Cook on the show a couple times in the past. She has one of the best voices ever and is the sweetest girl. You can see where she gets it from though, Paul and Jeni are the nicest people you will ever meet.

It got kind of hectic for a minute today because we were buying songs off itunes, burning cds, and downloading songs off websites all at the same time. Plus we had a guest in the studio AND THE CHELSEA/LIVERPOOL GAME ON! (which was extremely exciting when Chelsea scored in extra time making it a 1-1 draw, YEAH!) It was a zoo in there today, but thats all part of the fun of Jonesy's Jukebox. The guest was Conor McNicholas who is the editor of the magazine NME. He was in to hype the NME awards which are going down tomorrow night down the street from us at the El Rey Theater. It's the first time the awards are being held here in the states. I think this will definitely be the first of many to come in the future. This is very exciting because there is so much great music coming out of the U.K.

So...Thanks to our heroes Paul and Jeni for saving the day and hosting the box the past two days! Tomorrow we had Maynard James Keenan slated to come on....fear not! he is still coming and is actually pulling double duty here at Indie sitting in on Wine-O Wednesday with Joe Escalante and the Indie Morning Show. Honestly he's putting in a full day here, we should just put him on the payroll. The guest host on the box tomorrow will be the fantastic Janeane Garofalo! Should be a great show. Tune in at 12 bells!

Thanks for reading!


Friday, April 18, 2008

It's Been A Long Time...shouldn't have left you, without a dope beat to step to step to, step to, step to.

I apologize for the lack of blogs. I was crazy busy the past two weeks filling in for T.K. in the afternoons, which was a blast!

New super sized blog coming on Monday.

Here is a little Friday gift from me to you.

Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys) & Miles Kane (The Rascals) are The Last Shadow Puppets.

Enjoy your weekend!


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Where Ever They Go We'll Follow Our Team

"Where ever they go we`ll follow our team,
For we are the Chelsea and we are supreme,
We'll never be mastered by no northern bastards,
And we'll keep the blue flag flying high,
Flying high, up in the sky,
We'll keep the blue flag flying high
From Stamford Bridge to Wemb(er)ley
We'll keep the blue flag flying high

Chelsea! Chelsea!"

Since I have started doing Jonesy's Jukebox last May people around the station have asked many questions about how the show is going. Things like how I'm getting along with Jonesy? are you having fun doing the show? Has he told you any crazy stories yet? I have answers for all of these questions and most others that get asked, but there was one that really intrigued me one time. A couple months after I had started, Chuck P, who does Dead Air on Sunday nights here on Indie 1031 and did Jonesy's Jukebox for the couple weeks before I got here asked me, "Has he watched a futbol (or soccer for all of us here in the States) game in the studio with you yet?" My answer at the time was no, and ever since that day he asked me that I have always wondered when the day would come that I would watch a futbol game in the studio with Jonesy.

Well, today that day came.

As you all know Jonesy's team is Chelsea. If you follow any kind of sport you know what it's like to route for "your team". The ups and downs, the wins and loses, the heartbreak and glory, all of these emotions come along with having a team that you have always followed your whole life, a team you would fight for. Being from Boston, the Red Sox are that team for me. They are "my team". For Jonesy, Chelsea Futbol Club is "his team" and today they were playing Fenerbahce for a chance to advance to the Semi Finals of the Champions League.

Jonesy arrived at the station this morning around 11:30, as he usually does, in his bright blue Chelsea track jacket ready for a war against Fenerbahce. Today was the day, "his team" was playing a huge final game with everything on the line, a MUST win. This was going to be a fantastic two hours of futbol. The only problem...we had a radio show to do that starts at the exact same time as kickoff. Luckily, one of our many friends from one of the six other Entravision stations on our floor tipped us off to a website where you can watch the game live for free in real time! BRILLIANT!!!

It took me about twenty minutes to figure out how to actually get the game up and running on the computer in the studio. You know how the Internet goes...lots of random websites and applications just to get a simple video player. I finally got the game up on the screen. It was actually pretty good quality. They were only 20 minutes in to the 90 minute game so we were going to be able to watch most of it. Jonesy was pumped. Playing music, doing a radio show, and watching Chelsea in a final, the only thing that would have made him any more happy is a huge plate of Pie & Mash as he watched.

Watching this game with Jonesy in the studio was one of the greatest experiences I've had on Jonesy's Jukebox since I've been here. It helped that it was a really exciting game. Every time we would go on the air I would have the audio of the game in the background as we watched the game. We were watching the game, playing music and doing a radio show. Hilarious. At one point Chelsea was up 1-0 in the 86th minute and needed a goal to seal the deal on the game. We went on the air and Jonesy was freaking out. They were coming so close! Just as he was about to play a song because he couldn't take it anymore, Chelsea started to march down the field towards the goal. Then it happened, Frank Lampard put it in the net! YEEEEESSSSSS!!! GOOOOOOAAAALLLLL!!!! It was so awesome that this happened when we were on the air and got to hear Jonesy's honest reaction to seeing "his team" score a goal that would give them the win to advance to the Champions League Semi Finals! It was an amazing moment, I listened back to it at least ten times today. If you missed it make sure you go listen to the podcast HERE.

I can now go find Chuck P and answer his question. "Yes, I watched a futbol game in the studio with Jonesy and it was one of the greatest experiences since I started doing Jonesy's Jukebox"

After having Alexi Lalas on last week, watching the L.A. Galaxy game on Friday, and now this fantastic Chelsea game, I have to say I am becoming a much bigger futbol (uhh...I guess I have to say Soccer) fan than I ever was before.

Thanks for reading!

Make sure you listen all this week as I am filling in for TK in the afternoons from 2pm-6pm! Also, listen to TK do the morning show from 6am-10am. He's filling in for Joe Escalante who is playing a bunch of shows in Australia with his band The Vandals.



Friday, April 4, 2008

The Power of The INDIE 1031 Hoodie

Before I start my story of what happened to me and my INDIE 1031 hoodie last night I want to comment on the show from today real quick. It's Friday, so as we do every Friday, It was Jonesy's Jukebox Jury. The Panel today was some of the cast and the director of the new movie Sex and Death 101. It's out today on a limited release in L.A. and NYC. Here in L.A. its playing at the Laemmle Sunset 5 in Hollywood and the Laemmle Playhouse 7 in Pasadena. If you are reading this from New York you can catch the flick at City Cinemas Village East in NYC. The rest of the country, sorry you have to wait.

This was the second time Patton Oswalt has been on a Jury. The last time being with the Reno 911 guys, Tom Lennon and Ben Garant, to promote Balls of Fury. What a deadly comedic combo that was. Patton always kills when he comes on. He is truly one of the nicest guys I've met. I think he is one of the best comedians of our time. He is so quick, witty, and one of those people who can tell fantastic stories and make anything they talk about hilarious and fun to listen to. Brilliant.

We had one of the guests cancel so the last minute replacement was Pollyanna McIntosh. I'm just going to say it. There is no way around it, she is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. She was super nice and pretty funny. Best of luck to her.

Mindy Cohn
was a sweetheart. Very likable and interesting to talk to. Dan Waters, the director of the film was is a very clever guy and was also very interesting on the air.

All around a it was a fantastic Jury today, even though we did not get to any music. Make sure you check out the podcast on itunes and on the INDIE 1031 site.

Okay, on to my story from last night that Party Girl Stacey and our web guy Alan have been hounding me to blog about.

"The Power of The INDIE 1031 Hoodie"

For those of you who don't know, Jonesy has been giving me a hard time since the very first day I started last May about me and the opposite sex. Therefore, whenever I have any kind of encounter with a female it becomes headline news here in the Indie 1031 hallways. Well...last night I had an encounter.

My friend Joe and I frequent a thing called "Dance Right" on Thursday nights at La Cita in downtown L.A. It was actually a night started by the ever popular, friend of Jonesy's Jukebox, Shepard Fairey. Shepard or as he is known at La Cita, DJ Diabetic, and some other DJ's spin every Thursday and have guest DJ's come down most of the time. It is actually a pretty great time. Drinks are cheap, music is awesome, and of best of all there are always a lot of attractive females in attendance.

So, last night Joe and I are hanging out on the patio out back. As we are talking I sense two girls walk up behind me. I turn around to say hello and one of the girls asks me "Where did you get this hoodie? It's awesome, I want one!" I was wearing my new kick-ass Ed Hardy Indie 1031 hoodie that they made for everyone who works at the station. I proceed to explain to that to her, ask if she is a fan of the station, and if she listens to Jonesy's Jukebox. She says she is a fan and does listen to the box. I immediately think she is all lies and is just saying it to be nice, but then she starts referencing guests and past shows. As usual I was wrong. It's important to say that had this have been a Saturday night I most likely would not be able to tell you if she was attractive or not because I would have been about nine beers deep. Last night this was not the case. It was a Thursday night and I had a Jury to do today so I only had two beers(way to be Captain Responsible, I know). I was pretty excited because she was super cute and seemed to enjoy talking to me about music, indie, and me and Joe telling her she looked like J-Lo circa the "I'm Real" video with Ja Rule because of her outfit and awesome hat.

At this point it's about 12:30am so Joe and I make the decision to go cut a rug on the dance floor inside for about 20 minutes and then bail. J-Lo had went to grab a drink so as we were walking back inside I passed her and told her our plan. Ten minutes later Me, Joe, J-Lo and her friends are all inside dancing to music that is literally shaking the walls. J-Lo and I start dancing together and we are killing it! Honestly, it was like Favreau and Heather Graham in Swingers. At one point I did the Swingers spin move and we ended up about four inches away from each other faces which led to us making out and dancing for another forty five minutes.

Seeing as it was 1:30am we decided to call it a night. J-Lo and I exchanged numbers and texts. We are planning to hang out this weekend. If all goes well maybe we can give Ja Rule a call to come hang out. I mean, he's got time right? That "I'm Real" video might actually be the last thing he's done.

Lesson learned last night: Wear my INDIE 1031 hoodie at all times.

Have a fantastic weekend.

Thanks for reading!